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Inner Strength Martial Arts school is located in Leechburg, PA. 

We are the oldest Mixed Martial Arts school in the area teaching groundfighting and Chinese internal martial arts. more about us...



Why Choose Inner Strength

Inner Strength Martial Arts students benefit from learning more martial  concepts and applications that work in the real world. We don't offer extra low first month prices or free uniforms to entice you to join.

We simply offer our everyday incredible value and quality and flexibility.




Qigong & Taiji

QiGong literally means

'Energy Practice' and is an exercise and breathe work program designed to help the body relax and rejuvenate.

T'ai Chi Chuan, a beautiful and graceful martial art becoming well know for it's health benefit. more...


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825 Lovers Leap Rd  ~  Leechburg, PA 15656  ~  724-845-1041


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