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Inner Strength is a Mixed Martial Arts school located in Leechburg, PA. We specialize in styles of self defense and martial arts from all over the world.

Our Mission is teaching self defense techniques that really work. Our current focus is on Silat, Serak, Tongkat, BJJ, and Jeet Kun Do with a little Wing Chun thrown in. We have been training and teaching mixed martial arts for longer than anyone else in the Pittsburgh area, our martial arts school is focused on discipline and confidence, and techniques that really work.

We are looking for good natured people who want to incorporate physical fitness with practical skills that we hope you never need to use.


Executive Director:

Dr. Ted J. Cibik, PhD.

Our Executive Director and founder Dr. Ted Cibik has been a continuous student and teacher of martial arts since 1965, with black belts in three systems, and upper belt ranking in a variety of styles. He holds a PhD in Martial Arts Movement Kinesiology. He is a Chinese medicine physician and Taoist Priest. He has searched the country seeking specialty martial arts knowledge that is not available elsewhere in the area.


From Dr. Cibik:

"Change is inevitable!  So the martial arts school is changing.

 I am very excited to announce that I will be following my natural instincts with over 50 years of martial arts training and will be teaching predominately to adults only.

 The world has changed in the last 10 years, so should your martial arts training. The curriculum will be changing as well to a more street based non-gi approach. The styles that will be taught predominantly come from Silat, Serak, Tongkat, BJJ, and Jeet Kun Do with a little Wing Chun thrown in.

 Having trained with some of the best martial artists in the world:  Danny Inosanto, Paul De Thouars, Victor De Thouars, Bob Venetta, Carlos Machado, and Royce Gracie to name a few. I will be combining those attributes into my own usable style (Jeet Kun Do) as was originally intended.

 Classes will be geared toward 21rst century street attacks, empty-handed attacks, as well as knife, handgun, long gun and club defenses. Defense from your car, seated in a restaurant, or at a public event all will be covered, rehearsed and drilled.

 This is only open to good-natured people who want to learn how to defend their family and themselves. I have the right to refuse anyone.

 Class times will be changing too, please check our new calendar."



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