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Executive Director &

Head Instructor

Dr. Ted J. Cibik, PhD.

Our Executive Director and founder Dr. Ted Cibik has been a continuous student and teacher of martial arts since 1965, with black belts in three systems, and upper belt ranking in a variety of styles. He holds a PhD in Martial Arts Movement Kinesiology and is a Chinese medicine physician and Taoist Priest. He has searched the country seeking specialty martial arts knowledge that is not available elsewhere in the area.

At the highest levels of martial art, one learned the art of Wu Wei or no conflict by becoming the priest or enlightened monk.  Dr. Cibik continues to teach in the way of the ancient masters so that this valuable knowledge and tradition is not lost forever.


Master Cibik is a of the disciple Yu Ching Huang Lao Pai tradition and the Mao Shan sect. His meditation teachers have been vast and include such notables as: Laoshu Jeffrey Yuen, Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Shifu Jiang Jian-ye, Sa ba nim Hwang Kee, and Shifu Ark Wong.

Additionally, other achievements include:

  • Privately trained in Jiu-Jitsu by Royce Gracie, and Carlos Machado
  • Team captain, United States Team 1986 International competition,
  • Represented the United States in 1984 International Tang Soo Do competition,
  • Advanced Executive Protection Training including: Threat assessment and counter-terrorism strategies,
  • Developed a pressure point control/ fighting system, in conjunction with a neurologist, to subdue or restrain,
  • Certified National Rifle Association Firearms Instructor and Personal Protection Instructor with combat handgun techniques, and firearm shooting techniques.

    Master Cibik’s linage of teachers...
    G. Ceasar
    •Cha’n Buddhism
    Hwang Kee
    •Tang SooDo
    CS Kim
    •Tang SooDo
    Bob Venatta
    Victor Dethoras
    Sam Swan
    Paul Dethoras
    Bill Dethoras
    Lou Ping
    •Chen style Taijichuan/QiGong
    Hong Ke
    Ark Y. Wong
    •Shao Lin Gong Fu
    •Chinese Medical Herbals
    Tim Tacket
    •Pressure Point Attacks
    Cliff Stewart
    •Executive Protection
    •Swat Tactics
    Jerry Beasley
    •Ju Jitsu
    Chuck Patride
    •Knife Fighting
    Francis Fong
    •Wing Chung Gung Fu
    Danny Inosanto
    Larry Hartsell
    •Grappling /JKD
    Vic Payne
    •Muay Thai
    Gracielle Caselles
    Cliff Lendelman
    •Bodyguard Tactics
    •SWAT Tactics
    Royce Gracie
    •Brazilian JuJitsu
    Carlos Machado
    •Brazilian JuJitsu
    Surachai Sirisute
    •Muay Thai
    Relson Gracie
    •Brazilian JuJitsu
    Bobby Taboada
    •Tawak Balin
    Jerry Allan Johnson
    •Medical QiGong
    •Chinese Medicine
    •Yang & Chen Taijichuan
    Chan Zhang
    Jiang Jiangye
    •Yang Taichichuan
    Jeffrey Yuen
    •Daoist Chinese Medicine
    Alex Feng
    Sat Han



Black Belt means Teacher.

In our system, once someone reaches the level of black belt, instruction of classes and assisting the lower belts is a part of the Instructors path.

In rare cases, if a student in class shows an outstanding ability to teach, before they reach the rank of black belt, they may be chosen to become an assistant instructor.  



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