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Why Choose

Inner Strength Martial Arts?


 Inner Strength Martial Arts students benefit

from learning more concepts and applications that work in the real world.

Why Choose Inner Strength Martial Arts as your


We feel that all martial arts school can offer their students a value and benefit.

We just happen to believe that we offer the very best Self Defense Mixed Martial Arts Program for the best value, in the best place, with the best teachers.

We don't need to lure students in with a free uniform or a super discounted first month.

That's because we don't have contracts to sign, you just pay for the month you are here. You don't need to purchase a uniform to attend a class, student can train in in their sweat clothes until they know they love martial arts. We have multiple days of the week with open classes, so you are not locked into a particular day or time. The whole family can train together, and our already incredible value monthly rate is reduced with multiple family members.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: FULL Mixed Martial arts experience.

Most schools only offer training in one or two specific styles. Inner Strength Martial Arts teaches you a blend of many different styles from China, Korea, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Russia, and America. We also teach both external and internal styles. Our black belt level students also study Chinese healing techniques, as well as pressure points, and herbal skills. From these many styles, students learn to apply the techniques and fighting styles that work best for their body type and natural abilities.

Realistic concepts for Self-defense. At Inner Strength we take the best of each martial art, in terms of it's practical defense strategies and moves. The training is not for 'competition points'; it's for real self defense.

Inner Strength is not about winning competitions or trophies. - Inner Strength teaches practical techniques for application in real situations.

Instills self-discipline, self-control and self-confidence. Inner Strength helps individuals of any age to learn immense physical and mental self-discipline. Learning self-control is a major part of Inner Strength training For those who love sports, but because of schedules or physical issues cannot participate in team activities, martial arts provides the perfect outlet for self development at your pace, in your timeframe, to the level you wish to achieve.

Promotes good overall fitness and health. Everything about our program is created from a sound and exceptional sports medicine concept. Belt rank requirements were developed using periodization training concepts, to lead your body to a sound and safe physical achievement. The elegance and grace of the moves studies encourage pri-prioception adaptation and add to the power and strength of your body.  The training can produce many health benefits, such as: weight loss, increased flexibility, increased strength, and breath control.


Family Friendly Atmosphere. We are a small school, and we like it that way. We know everyone, and we like to think of each other as extended family. We also encourage families to train together and have family based events throughout the year.  Bullying in class by other students is not tolerated, so that everyone is free to learn their skills in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Our students range in age from 5 to 75.  

Not a Belt Factory: We don't have people sign up for the 'Black Belt Two year program' . In fact, there are no contracts to sign. Pay each month as you go. Your commitment here is that you WANT to learn, not that you have to come because you already paid the money. This also means we are serious about our martial arts. Earning a new belt means just that. Taking the test does not guarantee passing the test. Because of our variety of martial arts styles, earning a black belt here takes many years of hard work and dedication.  If you just want to have a black belt, we can point you in the direction of the nearest mall. If you want to have the satisfaction that you ARE a black belt, come here. You are just the kind of student we want.

Gorgeous Facility. This is not your typical Dojo.

Our building is new, and is also home to our health and wellness center for  Chinese Health treatments, and training for Medical Qigong and Feng Shui practitioners. We are located in the peaceful countryside on 80 rural acres. If you are waiting for your martial artist to finish class, sit in our peaceful lobby, or take a peaceful walk in the countryside.

Sounds too good to be true.

With the number of class times, the quality education, personal attention and pristine surroundings, you are thinking this has to be expensive.

Quality Martial Arts training IS affordable.

Become a member for a low monthly fee. No hidden fees or costs. Just your monthly tuition for the months you train. There are NO national association membership dues and NO long term financial contracts to sign. Tuition is paid on a monthly basis, for the months you train. Discounts available for additional family members.

Martial Arts classes are great for people of all ages.

Parents can learn in the same class as their children. Every martial arts style is different, yet effective. Our starting age for children in the open classes is generally 6 years of age, based on the level of the students maturity and ability to stay focused for an hour long class. However, some of our classes are adult oriented, which means leave your little ones at home and devoted some time to your own health and wellness.

Class Format:

Regular classes consist of many belt levels, with higher belts assisting in the instruction of junior belts. Class time consists of warm-ups, techniques, forms, and sparring practice.

The Only Additional Costs For Martial Arts Students Are:

  • Belt Tests
    Belt testing is held on a quarterly basis in order to advance to the next ranking. Test times occur outside the normal class schedule. Test dates and times for each belt ranking will be announced approximately one month in advance. There is no pressure to test, it is at your timing. If you are unsure if you are ready to test, ask your instructor. The testing fee is $40.00

  • Uniforms and Patches
    After students enter into regular class, they will want to have a uniform with a patch. A uniform is required for the first belt test.
    Order your uniform here for a great price.

  • Gear
    As students advance to the upper ranks, they will need protective gear. Students are responsible for buying items such as: mouth-guards, pads, and headgear.

I'm READY to Join!

Wonderful!  Please feel free to attend the next class time to view class, fill out some paperwork, and even join the class. Dress comfortably, in t-shirt and sweatpants  for now.

A uniform is required for your first belt test.

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