Inner Strength Martial Arts

for Personal Self Defense

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Inner Strength Martial Arts school is a closed door school, focused on training those invited to be a part of our school for real-life self-defense situations and for taking control of the stress in ones' life through meditation and qigong.

Out Instructor, Sifu Ted J Cibik has over 50 years experience in the martial arts, and his focus is in helping others feel confident in their abilities to defend themselves and their loved ones.

If you would like to be a part of our school, please contact Mr. Cibik to find out more information.

Membership is $40 a month for Self-defense class on Monday from 6-7pm and Qigong for Stress class on Friday from 7-7:45pm. There are no drop-in rates for Self-Defense class, however, for those wishing to train strictly in the Qigong for Stress, drop in rate is $10 per class.

Our Self-Defense training is focused on real life scenarios for protection, not on forms or drills or sparring techniques for competitions. We will not tolerate bullying or disrespect of other students within our class. Class time may include information on prevention of violence, de-escalation of situations, and when needed, defense that is effective (knife, gun, club, multiple attacker defenses, rape defense; combat handgun defense/retention, combat knife defense) according to Serak principals. This is not MMA or strictly martial arts; this is combat.

Our Qigong for Stress management class is for those looking for a moving meditation practice that helps combat the stresses of life. Through movement, breath work, and learning how to control your qi, you can effective diminish the effects of stress upon your body, and practice can assist in keeping your calm during stressful situations.

Our classes are formatted for adults, with adult subject matter. Those wishing to train, who have not been a part of our program in the past will need to interview with Mr. Cibik to assure that they are appropriate for our school.



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